People Do

Posted by Alan Boucher on 7/29/2021

I heard something profound while listening to a radio interview recently.  The person being interviewed said that tools are important when building a house, but the tools don’t build a house, people do.  That simple statement really struck me.  I immediately applied the idea to education.

It is important to have great facilities, programs, and well-developed curriculum, but those things do not educate our students, people do.  We need smart, well-trained, and dedicated employees who work together to make sure every child gets a great education.  The job becomes much easier when we have great facilities, successful programs, and well-developed curriculum, but at the core, we must have a great staff.

This is my 15th year working in the Sherrard School District (1998-2006 & 2015-present) and I have discovered over and over again that we have a great staff.  All the pandemic challenges of the last school year demonstrated it.  The Illinois State Board of Education acknowledged it by giving 4 of our 5 schools the highest rating of “exemplary.”  Only 6 of the other 52 schools in the Quad Cities Area (Illinois side) received the highest rating.  This great staff will be returning again this year and, despite the challenges that are sure to come, it will continue to demonstrate greatness.