Alaina cupcake story

Alaina Volkert Volkert raises funds with cupcakes

Second grade Sherrard Elementary student Alaina Volkert raised $770 total to donate to the Stead Family Children’s Hospital in Iowa City.

Her father, Todd Volkert, said 7 year old Alaina approached he and his wife asking to raise money, “We asked her how she planned to do this and she responded she wanted to make and sell cupcakes. We set it all up and Cupcakes for a Cause was created,” he said.

Alaina said she had help making around 400 cupcakes - red velvet, chocolate, cookie dough and white. “It makes me feel happy,” she said about the project. She chose to donate to the children’s hospital, “Since we’re big Iowa Hawkeye fans.”

They plan to deliver the funds raised over spring break.