• Caring For Books

    Checking out a book with great pictures and clean pages is a great experience.  On the other hand, have you ever checked out a library book that had crayon on the pages?  Or somebody else's dinner on the cover?  Unfortunately, many books have been victims of food, drink, rain, dogs, glue, ink pens, markers and crayons. Our library materials belong to all of us at Winola Elementary School.  Caring for our books properly means that they last longer and look more appealing. In order to help with this, Winola students are introduced to book care guidelines at the beginning of the school year. 

    How Can You Help
    Let the librarian know if there is a problem with a book so she can fix it. Please do not attempt to repair it yourself.  The library staff uses supplies and materials specifically designed for book repairs.

    We review helpful hints for book care throughout the school year.  Additionally, parents can assist by reinforcing book care guidelines that are taught at school.  These include:

    • Keep books in a safe place at home.  Backpacks/bookbags are a good option.
    • Keep books away from what you eat and drink.
    • Keep books dry.
    • Keep books away from the table when eating.
    • Protect books from pets and small children.
    • Read with clean hands.
    • Use a bookmark rather than bending the page corner or laying a book open face down.
    • Do not use books as coasters for beverages.