• High School Gale in Context

    High School (Gale in Context) has content information for all types of content areas, including video and audio options for many topics.  This database is integrated with Google Drive and Google Classroom.  

    NoveList Plus

    NoveList Plus is a database that provides subject access, reviews, annotations, and much more for over 251,000 fiction and narrative non-fiction titles for Teens, Older Kids and Younger Kids as well as adults.

     World Book Online

    World Book Online features a variety of encyclopedia resources online. different grade levels. This is a basic encyclopedia resource, and is most appropriate for general knowledge. From the Super Page you can reach the kids, student, and advanced versions of the encyclopedia, as well as the timeline and Spanish versions.  


  • Global Issues

    Global Issues (Gale in Context)  is integrated with Google Drive & Classroom.  It covers a wide variety of topics from a global perspective, and has information about all of the countries in the world.

    Opposing Viewpoints

    Opposing Viewpoints (Gale in Context) has information on a wide variety of issues, and includes audio and video content. This database is integrated with Google Drive and Google Classroom.

    Literary Reference Center

    Literary Reference Center - This database has biographical information about authors, as well as literary criticism, and additional resources to help with the study of literature.