Multiple Choice Exam

Posted by Alan Boucher on 4/29/2021

It is time to begin making preparations for the fall.  The planning process feels like a multiple-choice exam.  

Question 1 - What type of school day will it be? 
A. Full remote
B. Late start
C. Full day
D. None of the above
We don't have enough information right now to confidently choose answers to all the questions.  All we can do is make plans that attend to our predictions about what the virus will do in the coming months.
I believe the risk of virus transmission could be lower because of those who already had Covid and because of the number of individuals who will be vaccinated.  We hope the virus will not mutate in a way that will cause people to catch the virus a second time or mutate in a way that will render the vaccines ineffective.  Testing will probably become commonplace at school.  Currently, we test students who have symptoms.  I predict we will be testing healthy individuals in the future as a way of detecting virus transmission quickly before it spreads to others.
Assuming the transmission risk will be low in the fall, the board stated that it intends to have full days of school five days a week during the 2021-2022 school year.  Families with documented medical conditions that prevent the students from attending will be allowed to learn remotely.
I predict there will be some mitigation procedures in place next year, but I don't know which ones.  Perhaps we will not have to do the temperature and symptom checks.  It wouldn't surprise me if we still have to wear masks.  I would think that social distancing will still be a part of the guidelines along with extra cleaning.  I predict we will have normal athletic seasons, but the number of fans in attendance might be limited again.
Question 2 - Will next year be awesome?
A.  Absolutely
B.  Absolutely
C.  Absolutely
D.  All of the Above