Prevailing Wage

  • The General Assembly of the State of Illinois enacted the Prevailing Wage Act, approved June 26, 1941, as amended, being Chapter 820 ILCS 130/1-12 et. seq.


    The Act requires that all Illinois governmental entities, including home rule units of local government, either accept the prevailing wages determined by the Illinois Department of Labor or investigate and ascertain the prevailing rate of wages as defined in the Act for workers employed to perform on public works construction projects in the locality in which the work is performed.


    In accordance with the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act, Sherrard Community Unit School District 200 (SCUSD200) has made a determination of the prevailing wages to be paid to laborers, mechanics, and other workers employed in public works projects for SCUSD200. SCUSD200 has determined that the prevailing wages are the wage rates for Rock Island County as determined by the Illinois Department of Labor.


    The District Secretary has posted on the District’s website a notice of its determination, and such posting shall constitute notice that the determination is effective and that this is the determination of the District.


    A copy of the determination is available for public inspection in SCUSD200’s district office located at 507 3rd St, Sherrard, Illinois.


    Prevailing Wage Resolution


    Current Rates can be viewed on the Illinois Dept of Labor website at:


    Illinois Dept of Labor Website